Health and P.E.


  • Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles

  • Life or Death Lungs- view of smoking damage

  • Meth Mouth

  • Mr. Dip Lip

  • Mr. Gross Mouth

  • Smokey Sue

  • SpinSmart Tobacco Game

  • Tobacco Free Earth Bingo

  • "How to Survive Teaching Health" book

  • "In the Know: Prescription Drugs"

  • PediaPals Blood Pressure Kits

Physical Education

  • Indoor Boccia Set

  • Monster Toss

  • Super Enormous II Play Tunnel

  • Long Jump Mat

  • Cone QwikNetz

  • Basic and Advanced Ball Handling Skills Kit

  • Multicolored Pushball (48")

  • Thumballs

  • Hopscotch Mat

  • Parachute Canopy

  • Beanbags

  • Potato Sacks

  • Trunk Flexibility Tester (tests both V-Sit and Sit and Reach)

  • Chicken Fat Fitness DVD (ages 3-12)

  • PE Activities Books:

    • Grades K-2

    • Grades​ 3-4

    • Grades​ 5-6

    • Grades​ 7-9

  • Phys Ed Sports Masters- covers 16 sports commonly taught in PE- comes with a pretest, study guide, and post test for each sport.

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