English/Language Arts


  • English/Spanish Vocabulary Set

  • Interactive Photo Reflective Verb Cards

  • Conversation Cubes

  • Grammar Grooves kit

  • Vocabulary Magnetic Activity Centers:  Homophones, Idioms, Multiple Meanings

  • Shakespeare Bulletin Board Set

  • Create-A-Prompt Flip Books

  • Sequence & Write Story Tiles

  • Sight-Words Challenge Game

    • Grade 1 Sled Spinout​

    • Grade 2 Go-Kart Rally

    • Grade 3 Scooter Scramble

    • Grade 4 Mountain Bike Mania

  • Bag O' Tricks- Context Clues Game

  • Flip and Match: Homophones Game

  • Early Story Starters in a Jar

  • Crazy Cubes:  Prefixes game

  • Spin and win: Synonyms Game

  • Write and Publish Activity Center

  • Word Lab: Test Prep Station

  • Crazy Eights! Vocabulary Cards

  • Ending Sounds Phonemic Awareness Box

  • Hot Dots Phonics

  • Hot Dots Reading Comprehension

  • Hot Dots Vocabulary Quiz

  • Hot Dots- Standards Based Language

  • Magnetic Phonics Word Building Boards

  • Parent Workshop Survival Kit

  • Readers Theater Scripts

  • Vocabulary Magnetic activity center

  • Vocabulary Match-Ups

  • What's the Order Sequencing Kit

  • Fast or Last Dictionary Skills Game

  • Finish Line: Suffixes Game

  • Grand Slam: Multiple Meanings Game

  • Opposites Attract: Antonyms Game

  • Sound Sorting with Objects

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